Mango Mastani At Home

Mango Mastani

Pune’s special Summer Drink-Mango Mastani. This drink is delicious, satisfying and is quite rejuvenating.It is similar to the milkshake , but little more thick and definitely richer. You can treat Continue reading Mango Mastani At Home

Rava Mawa Ladoo


Celebration of Diwali means lots of mithai,lights,bright colors,new dresses and fireworks. Ladoo , is very special and dear to everybody in Diwali.We love to have every kind of Ladoo like Continue reading Rava Mawa Ladoo

How To Make Panchamrut


Panchamrut– prasad during hindu religious functions. During Satyanarayan Katha, Bhagwad Puja, Krishna Janmashthami,Ganapati Pujan,Laxmi Pujan, we found very common Prasad, called Panchamrit. Along with Satyanarayn Prasad, Sheera , we also Continue reading How To Make Panchamrut

Shevai Kheer Recipe

Sevai Kheer1

Shevai or Seviyan or vermicelli Kheer is a traditional popular dessert, made on all special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or festivals in India. Kheer is special dessert in Indian meals Continue reading Shevai Kheer Recipe

Homemade Loni or White Butter

homemade loni

Loni,in Marathi, is nothing but White Butter.It is different from Amul Butter. Homemade Loni or White Butter-It is purely made from Malai and it is unsalted and white in color.It is Continue reading Homemade Loni or White Butter

Kairiche god lonche

Kairiche lonche

Throughout India, Mango pickle is very famous and made in summer with many variations. Summer time is good for pickle because of proper sunlight so pieces of Raw mango will Continue reading Kairiche god lonche

Kurdai chi Bhaji

Kurdai chi bhaji

One of my Tiffin friendly vegetable, Kurdai chi Bhaji. Kurdai is like chakali and made from soaked wheat (Gavhacha cheek).All Maharashtrian homes have Kurdai stored for a whole year.Kurdai is Continue reading Kurdai chi Bhaji