Shengdana Ladoo | Peanut Ladoo

Peanut Ladoo

I make Shengdana Ladoo very often, but forget to post and take its pictures.So, I had to add in a TO DO list.This is such a simple and tasty Ladoo recipe Continue reading Shengdana Ladoo | Peanut Ladoo

Kairichi Dal

kairichi dal

Summer comes with not only ripe, yellow and sweet Mangoes, but with yummy Raw Green mangoes also. Kairichi dal is one of the Raw Mango salad recipe, it is summer special recipe Continue reading Kairichi Dal

Mumbai Style Pav Bhaji


It’s a Pav Bhaji Day …..Mumbai Style Pav Bhaji I have made Mumbai Style Pav Bhaji lots of times and my family is always ready for Pav Bhaji anytime, any day Continue reading Mumbai Style Pav Bhaji