Maharashtrian Kadhi Recipe

Maharashtrian Kadhi

  Kadhi is flavored Buttermilk with Besan and spices.¬†Kadhi is a very common and popular dish in whole north of India. Yogurt-based dishes are cooling in summers.Buttermilk is always considered Continue reading Maharashtrian Kadhi Recipe

Maharashtrian Pithale Recipe

pithale recipe

Maharashtrian Pithale Recipe, means Spiced Besan Curry, one of the identities of Maharashtrian cuisine. A very basic curry dish in Maharashtrian food. My family loves Pithale and I must say Continue reading Maharashtrian Pithale Recipe

Matki chi Usal

Matki usal

Matkichi Usal is common curry in all Maharashtrian¬†meals.Matki Usal means curry of sprouted moth beans. Sprouted moth beans are very common in every Maharashtrian home.It is my family’s favorite curry. Continue reading Matki chi Usal