Thalipeeth Bhajani Flour

Bhajani Flour

Bhajani Thalipeeth is a popular snack from Maharashtra. This delicious snack happens to be my family’s favorite breakfast menu. Bhajani means Dry Roasted Multi Grain Flour.This is a popular, versatile Continue reading Thalipeeth Bhajani Flour

Sabudana Kheer | Sago Payasam

sabudana kheer

Sabudana is a very famous ingredient in Maharashtrian homes, especially on fasting days.We always use sabudana for making sabudana khichdi or sabudana Wada. As shravan/savan starts, the main grocery item to Continue reading Sabudana Kheer | Sago Payasam

Tomato Chutney Maharashtrian Way

Tomato Chutney

  Tomato Chutney in Maharashtrian Way is very easy and tasty.It has Roasted Peanuts , which makes it unique in Maharashtrian style. Chutneys are very common in Indian meals.They are Continue reading Tomato Chutney Maharashtrian Way

Sweet Corn and Tomato Biryani

Sweet Corn and Tomato Biryani

Sweet Corn and Tomato Biryani is an awesome and very refreshing Rice Recipe.This Rice Dish has many earthy,spicy and tangy flavors.It is wholesome,rich,satisfying and nutritious Rice Dish. Biryani is very Continue reading Sweet Corn and Tomato Biryani

Dry Garlic Chutney for Vada Pav

Dry Garlic chutney

Vada Pav, we say Indian Burger, taste delicious and spicy when we add nice and spicy ,hot chutney. It is Dry Garlic Chutney.It is very simple and we make it Continue reading Dry Garlic Chutney for Vada Pav