About Lazycook


I am Pooja Shinde, Software Engineer by Profession and a mom of 2 kids. I am managing my work life balance and enjoying life at the same moment.

I used to be very lazy cook,but after marriage my entry to Kitchen was unavoidable.Being wife and a mother, I always have to look inside kitchen and make some delicious dishes for my family. Initially it was very boring and tiresome work for me, but slowly I started enjoying mixing all spices and making combination of food and waiting for the result of my work. Sometimes, I surprise myself by tasting food. Now I could say, cooking is Art and magic at the same time. I enjoy cooking and my son also enjoys helping me in the kitchen.

That’s what the name suggests here ‘Lazy To Cook ….Loves To Eat!!!’Sometimes, my husband has suffered from my cooking , giving some examples here like burnt parathas, less salt in subjis, more oil in dal, sometimes I even end up creating mess in my kitchen. But he has been very great support and help me wherever he can.

I love this blogging platform and I want to share insides of my kitchen to all my  friends.At the same time, I am learning new as well as traditional recipes and achieving success in my Lazy Kitchen.

Welcome to my ‘Lazy 2 Cook , Loves 2 Eat!!!‘ Blog and send me your suggestions.