Thalipeeth Bhajani Flour

Bhajani Flour

Bhajani Thalipeeth is a popular snack from Maharashtra. This delicious snack happens to be my family’s favorite breakfast menu.

Bhajani means Dry Roasted Multi Grain Flour.This is a popular, versatile and typical Foodstuff originating from Maharashtrian food culture. Bhajani Flour is very common and an important staple in Maharashtrian pantry.

It is a Ready-to-use Flour prepared by roasting and grinding many grains and pulses.Main Ingredients used are wheat, Rice, Jowar, Bajri, Urad dal, Chana dal and Masoor Dal.Very basic spices

like coriander seeds and Cumin seeds are also roasted to have those immense and pleasurable flavors into flour.

We can make thalipeeth in just 10 min with this flour.The measurement is around to make 3 kg of flour because I usually make it that way.It can go for 4-5 months easily.We can tell if the flour is fresh or not by its flavors.

Many people use many pulses and lentils.If you want many kinds of lentils to use, you can roast them and mix them.The proportion of ingredients vary as per tastes.Also, pulses and lentils do vary from region to region ,also as per availability.

This multi-grain flour mix can be made in large batches and stored in airtight containers as it has a good shelf life of 2-3 months.We can use this flour for making Kothimbir Vadi, Alu vadi, baked multigrain crackers and many more.Sometimes I use this flour to make Jowar Dhapate, instead of using only Jowar flour.

You can make Quick Bhanjani also, whichever pulse and lentils are available at home, roast them and grind it them into mixer.You can make Thalipeeth instantly from this Quick Bhajani flour.

Bhajani Flour

Bhajani ch pith

How to Make Bhajani Flour?

How to Make Bhajani Flour?


  • 1/2 kg Wheat
  • 1/2 kg Rice
  • 250 gm Jowar
  • 200 gm Bajri
  • 200 gm Urad Dal
  • 200 gm Massor Dal
  • 200 gm Chana dal
  • 100 gm Coriander Seeds
  • 100 gm Cumin Seeds


  • 1.Dry Roast all grain and pulses on low heat one by one until they change their flavor and color slightly.
  • 2.We have to keep stirring constantly so that they will not burn and become brown.
  • 3.After roasting all,mix them together and grind them in Grinding Mill.
  • 4.Let it cool and store in an airtight container.
  • 5.Use for making Thalipeeth.

how to make bhajani flour

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