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Sabudana is a very famous ingredient in Maharashtrian homes, especially on fasting days.We always use sabudana for making sabudana khichdi or sabudana Wada.
As shravan/savan starts, the main grocery item to buy is sabudana. In my childhood, I used to think only sabudana khichdi can be made from sabudana.

Now, this blogging world has unfolded many more twist to many dishes and I really love making it and enjoying this food.Sabudana Kheer is one of the recipes, I have found on the net. I have never thought that sabudana can be served as dessert.

But, yes..we can definitely make it in traditional dessert, Sabudana Kheer

We need to have soaked Sabudana for this kheer.Now, the question might come as for how to have perfect soaked Sabudana.Even, this question I also ask myself many times.After lots of experiments, I learned a simple method.

To make sabudana khichdi, I put 1 cup sabudana covered with the same level of water.The water level should not go too much beyond Sabudana and even it should not go down sabudana level.And I like to keep it overnight.If not overnight, then 4-5 hours should be fine.This makes soft and moist Sabudana.

To make kheer, we don’t need much sabudana.1/3 cup or 100 gms is enough to make kheer.Also, this Kheer can be served hot as well as cold.Lots of dry fruits like cashews, raisins, almonds, and saffron makes it very delicious.If saffron soaked in little warm milk, it gives very nice rich golden color.I prefer full cream milk, as it gives nice texture and creaminess to the kheer. But for weight loss factor, we need to choose milk wisely 😉

I like to serve them glass dessert bowls.There are lots of dessert bowls which comes in color and looks pretty.They add a great color and background to dessert.

This is also called as Javvarisi, Sago Payasam or Sago dessert. 

Sabudana Kheer2
Sabudana Kheer | Tapioca Pudding

Sabudana Kheer | Tapioca Pudding


  • 100 gms sabudana
  • 1 ltr full cream milk
  • 80 gms sugar
  • 20-25 cashews
  • 20 raisins
  • 4 small cardamoms


  • 1.Wash sabudana with water and soak with equal level of water for 4-5 hours or overnight.
  • 2.Boil the milk in a deep pan and put soaked sago in milk when milk starts boiling.
  • 3.Let it boil for next 10 mins and keep stirring in between.Milk will thicken a little.
  • 4.Put cashews and raising in boiling milk.
  • 5.Check if sabudana has turned soft and transparent.
  • 6.Then , put sugar into milk and keep stirring for next 4-5 min on medium flame.
  • 7.Peel and grind cardamom.Sprinkle on kheer.
  • 8.You can serve it hot or cold.It tastes very delicious.
Sabudana Kheer3

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