why read mrs Funnybones

mrs funnybones

why read Mrs funnybones – It is light. It is funny. Will instantly cheer your mood !!!

I was not sure to read this book when it was launched, Mrs. Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna.Many times I have heard controversies happening on her columns, giving opinions about politics and films.As politics is not my field, I had the feeling that funnybones must be having political humor. So each time I have come across this book in Crossword but never inclined to buy Mrs. Funnybones.

But my political analyst husband could not think about what to give me the Anniversary gift and presented me Twinkle’s Funnybones.

mrs funnybones

As it landed on my reading table, every day I come across this book.I did not know why read Mrs funny bones because I had read some of the reviews and they are not very good.Then given a thought to read this as it is my Anniversary gift.The book is too much funny, involves complete humor and made me laugh a lot.I could relate her story being the mother of 2 kids, daughter in law and wife.Many times events are same in my home as well.Even I have the man of the house and prodigal son who does many mistakes in the home.And I do criticize them just like her 😉

Her humor starts with her name only, Twinkle, she feels it is the foolproof way of making sure that she would get teased throughout her life.I have found this article on https://scroll.in/article/753733/an-a-z-guide-to-twinkle-khannas-mrs-funnybones, very generous to tell more about this book.

‘She’s just like you and a lot like me,’ says the tagline on the book cover of Mrs. Funnybones.Her prodigal son stories tell us about her motherhood mind with humor.I remember dialogue with prodigal son

Him: ‘Mom, I have packed my Swiss Army knife.’
Me: ‘Why? Are you going on a school trip or trying to attack Afghanistan?’
Him: ‘Mom, your jokes suck.’

Whenever she writes about, Man of the House, I like it very much, as I am the great fan of Akshay Kumar.

For marriage planning, she has once said,

“Before marrying Akshay, I had made a genetic list containing the number of diseases running in his family and all. Coz’ I had to have kids with him.”

I can’t believe, really, she said like this….this is perfect list nowadays to get married.

why read Mrs funnybones

It contains all regular activities of regular women, being the mother, wife, working women, daughter in law, daughter and all in one.Twinkle Khanna has courageous humor to tell the whole world about her mother’s and mother in law’s stories.She’s just too much fun, in self-deprecating, off the cuff way, that makes you feel like you’ve known her for years and not in the spot a celebrity way.

I can definitely say, this book is one of great stress relief from our daily tension.I had a great time reading this book with my favorite Hot Cinnamon Coffee.Most important, you will have good laugh reading this.Buy this book to cheer up you instantly, nothing is complicated here, all household and near and dear people are explained through humor.

Twinkle Khanna, you got a good humor sense and now I can tell my friends why read mrs funnybones.Now, I will definitely follow your columns.

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  1. nice review Pooja! I do follow Mrs Funny bones witty tweets but never thought of getting her book. Now I feel its worth a buy. Thanks to you 🙂

    • Hi Shruti,
      Read this humor and you will be tempted to read next one.
      Currently I am reading next book and soon I will post its review.

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