Homemade Loni or White Butter

homemade loni

Loni,in Marathi, is nothing but White Butter.It is different from Amul Butter.

Homemade Loni or White Butter-It is purely made from Malai and it is unsalted and white in color.It is completely homemade, without any preservatives and chemicals.

Initially I thought that it is very tedious task and who will make it at home when you get in market so easily.But trust me , it doesn’t take too much time .It just need little practice and patience.You can get homemade, organic, preservative free Butter.It is very healthy option for your kids.

Why patience, because we have to save malai or cream everyday and store in refrigerator for 8-10 days.Once the amount is enough, we have to take it out and make yogurt procedure for whole night.

Next day, we have to run it thru mixer or blender and make white butter or loni. Whole milk is best for making loni because you will get thick cream layer.

In Krishna’s stories, we have always learnt that how Krishna loves eating makhhan and how Yashoda maiyya would be preparing makhhan. Churning collected malai ,in matka or large vessel, clockwise and anti clockwise will make butter and then in turn buttermilk.This is very old method of making makhhan or loni in those days.We are lucky to have food processor and blender in  our pantry.These electronic devices has helped to save lot of efforts in our day to days lives.

Always use cold water to wash prepared butter , so that it will remove buttermilk residue from butter.The buttermilk prepared from this procedure is very nutritious and soothing to our stomach.I make Kadhi from this buttermilk.

We can make homemade ghee from this loni. We just need to heat this loni or white butter on low flame till it becomes transparent.This is traditional method of making desi ghee in every Indian home.

I always enjoy eating Homemade Loni or White Butter with Thalipeeth or Parathas.

homemade white butter

Homemade Loni or White Butter

Homemade Loni or White Butter


  • Collected malai of 7 to 10 days
  • 2 tbsp yogurt


  • How to Collect Malai / Cream
  • 1.Heat the milk and once it is cooled dow.Keep it in refrigerator.
  • 2.The cream layer will thicken after 4-5 hours.
  • 3.Collect the cream layer in other vessel.
  • Similarly, collect malai from 7-10 days, then you can make enough amount of white butter.
  • Method
  • 1.Take out malai vessel out and defrost it.Or just keep at normal temperature for 2-3 hours.
  • 2.Add 2-3 tbsp curd to it for making malaiwala yogurt and keep it for 6-8 hours.I mostly do it overnight.
  • 3.Once the yogurt is ready, put it into blender.Blender should be big enough, so there will be place for loni to rise on top.
  • 4.Add cold water into blender and blend it well.
  • 5.If needed add more water, and blend well.You can see thick layer coming on top.
  • (If thick layer is not coming, means yogurt is not formed properly)
  • 6.Gather the thick layer with hand and collect it in other vessel.Make sure all water remains in blender.You can squeeze the butter.The remaining water is nothing but buttermilk.
  • 7.Add some cold water and clean the butter .It will help to remove any remnant of buttermilk. (If you refrigerate the butter without washing, tit will get unpleasant sour smell after few days)
  • 8.Put the butter into a plastic container. Add sufficient water to cover the butter. Put a tight lid and refrigerate.
  • We can make homemade ghee from this loni. We just need to heat this loni or white butter on low flame till it becomes transparent.

homemade loni

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