Dudhi Bhopla Halwa | Lauki ka Halwa

Lauki ka Halwa
Bottle Gourd or Dudhi Bhopla , is very common vegetable in kitchen.Though many people don’t prefer it, we still have in kitchen for so many recipes like kofta, Thalipeeth, Mix vegetable, Parathe and many more.

I make Dudhi Bhopla Bhaji many times and use in Jowar Dhapate as well. Dudhi Bhopla vegetable can be made in gravy in Maharashtrian style with roasted peanuts.

Surprisingly, it not limited to vegetables only, we can make one sweet dish Dudhi Halwa or Lauki Halwa from it.I made it many times and it taste very delicious.Those who don’t like Dudhi Bhopla, give them this Dudhi Halwa and surprise them with the taste.
It has many medicinal good properties, many diabetes people use juice of Bottle gourd or mix with Karela Juice.

Lauki ka Halwa

Dudhi Bhopla HalwaDudhi Bhopla Halwa
Dudhi Bhopla Halwa recipe is very simple and delicious sweet dish made from Bottle gourd vegetable.

Prep Time:Cook Time: Total Time :

1 1/2 cup grated Bottle gourd /Dudhi Bhopla
1 cup milk
2 tsp Ghee
6-7 tbsp Sugar
1/4 tsp Cardamom Powder
few Dry fruits to garnish

1.Peel and grate bottle gourd. Squeeze out the water from grated bottle gourd. (You can use reserved water for making soup, sambar or Dal.)
2. In a non stick pan, heat 2 tsp Ghee. Add grated and squeezed bottle gourd and saute for 2 to 4 minutes till all the water from bottle gourd evaporates and it is little soft.
3.Add 1 cup warm milk and let the bottle gourd cook over medium heat. Cover the pan while cooking.
4. Once milk is absorbed, check whether bottle gourd is cooked or not. If you get little rawness, add little milk and cook for some more time. 
5. Add sugar, cardamom powder, dry fruits and stir well. Keep the flame low. 
6.After adding sugar, halwa will become little watery. After 5 to 7 minutes, it will start thickening. Keep stirring until you get perfect consistency of the Dudhi Halwa.
Serve Dudhi Halwa hot or cold.
Lauki ka Halwa

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