Kanavale | Steamed Chapathi

Kanavale means Steamed Chapathi are made just like simple chapathi, but they are not roasted on Tawa, but they are steamed like Idli’s or Ukadiche modak / Dhokla.

Traditionally, on this day we are not supposed to use knife, scissor or pan like tawa, because they say Snacks are scared of knife, scissor and instruments like this.
1 cup Wheat flour (Chapati Atta)
2 tsp. Oil
Pinch of salt
water as needed
1. Take 1 cup wheat flour in a mixing bowl. Add 1 tsp. oil and pinch of salt. Mix nicely. Then add water little at a time and knead to medium consistency dough. Use 1 tbsp. oil and knead the dough again.
2. Cover the dough for 10 minutes. Again knead the dough. Divide the dough into 6 to 8 equal balls size portions.
3.Roll one ball into big circle and brush little oil and fold the dough sheet in half and half again as shown in picture.
4.Put Idli or Dhokla maker with 1 cup water inside on medium flame and put plate above the water level. Put all rolled and folded roti on plate and cover the lid.
5.Let it steam for 10 minutes and then remove from flame. The procedure of steaming is same as Idli or Dhokla.
Serve hot ‘Kanavale- Steamed poli with Gavhachi Kheer’.

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