Khawa Modak | Mava Modak

Mava modak

Khawa Modak or Mava modak is very simple and easy to make. Everybody loves these Mava modak and enjoys the festival mood. I am also in festival mood and I and my son Continue reading Khawa Modak | Mava Modak

Fried Modak | Khirapat Modak

fried modak

Ganapati Bappa Morya !!! Lord Ganesh’s favorite Prasad is modak. So I am making Fried Modak on very first day of Ganapati Festival. I prepare this modak every year on Continue reading Fried Modak | Khirapat Modak

Khirapat | Panchkhadya


Khirapat is also called as Panchakhadya. Khirapat is very known Prasad for Ganapati festival as we prepare it on first day and it will last till visarjan. We give Khirapat Continue reading Khirapat | Panchkhadya

Varan Chikolya

varan chikolya

Varan Chikolya Varan Phal, in Maharashtra, is the same dish as Dal Dhokli. Whenever we get bored of eating sabzi roti and rice and need something different but not outside Continue reading Varan Chikolya

Kanavale | Steamed Chapathi


Kanavale means Steamed Chapathi are made just like simple chapathi, but they are not roasted on Tawa, but they are steamed like Idli’s or Ukadiche modak / Dhokla. Traditionally, on Continue reading Kanavale | Steamed Chapathi

Gavhachi Kheer | Cracked Wheat Kheer

gavhachi kheer

NagPanchami or the festival of snakes is a Hindu festival celebrated in July or August in India. According to Marathi calendar , it falls on shravana shukla panchami.On this day Continue reading Gavhachi Kheer | Cracked Wheat Kheer

Karlyachi Bhaji (Bharli Karli) | Stuffed Karela

karle bhaji

Karlyachi Bhaji / Karela Sabzi / Bharwan Karela/ Stuffed Karela / Bitter Gourd Vegetable  , lot of name to this Sabzi. There are lot of versions of this Bhaji , Continue reading Karlyachi Bhaji (Bharli Karli) | Stuffed Karela