Mashed Potato in Indian Style

I was looking something healthy and stomach filling food for my kid.And I found ‘Mashed Poatato’ from all canadian magazines.I am preparing Mashed potato in little Indian style and more favorable for my son.It is really good for children and side dish for us with light meal,sandwitches or rice dish.

It is tasty in all versions East or west, lets give it a try..


4 medium potatoes
3 tbsp butter/ghee
3/4 cup milk
1 tbsp black pepper
salt,per taste


1.Boil potatoes for 4-5 whistles in cooker.Once they are cool, remove skin and mash them with masher, mash it properly so no lumbs should present.
2.Heat 3 tbsp butter in pan/kadhai.
3.Add milk into pan and cook for 2-3 minutes.
4.Add black pepper and put mashed potatoes in milk.
5.Mix it well with milk.Keep stirring, so the mixture becomes cream like consistency and very soft.
6.Add salt and serve with coriander leaves.

I have avoided putting red chilly powder,cummin seeds powder because I made it for my 3 year old kid.But if you are making for yourself, get absorbed in all spices.Enjoy Mashed Potato in Indian Style.


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